• PicoPlus Laser, is the MOST ADVANCE picosecond laser available on the market today.

  • With Double the peak power than the PicoWay, the PicoPlus  reigns the Gold Standard when looking for tattoo removal with the latest Pico Second Lasers available on the market.

  • Picosecond technology has proven to reduce the number of    overall treatments significantly compared to the traditional      nanosecond lasers.    


  • Targets ink leaving            surrounding tissue unaffected

  • Leaves your skin looking uniform and natural

  • Is nonsurgical and noninvasive

  • Works with most skin tones

  • Faster results compared to non picosecond lasers


Older tattoo removal treatments tend to cause patients extreme discomfort, are often risky for individuals with darker skin tones, and commonly cannot get rid of colorful or dark tattoos entirely. PicoPlus laser is different. PicoPlus tattoo removal can remove tattoos of with a wide variety of pigments and on patients of all skin types, faster, more effectively, and with less pain than traditional laser tattoo removal methods.


Tattoobegonesf provides our clients with PicoPlus, the absolute gold standard for picosecond lasers. The newest Picosecond laser on the market with double the peak power than any other picosecond laser available on the market. Get faster removal! The picosecond pulse rate (one-trillionth of a second) fragments ink into much smaller particles than traditional lasers. This results in your body being able to clear the ink more quickly. The average number of treatments with picosecond lasers is 4-9 vs. 8-15 with traditional Qswitched nanosecond lasers.

PicoPlus is FDA approved and has cleared for a wide range of tattoos and for a wider variety of skin types.

PicoPlus Infomercial Video 

TattooBeGoneSf Pico Plus Tattoo Removal


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